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New in HTML Office Library 4.7

  1. Support for MBOX files (Thunderbird and other mail app. mailboxes)
  2. Support for CHM (help) file format.
  3. Support for CSV (displayed as table).
  4. Support for DOC 6-95 format.
  5. Support for old XLS format.
  6. Encoding detection for text files.
  7. Support for PICT format (embedded to some office documents)
  8. Support for JPX (JPEG2000) - currently using openjpeg.
  9. PDF conversion was completely rewritten:
    • Big improvements in PDF rendering quality.
    • Better text extraction from PDF (space detection, hyphenation handling).
    • Faster PDF conversion - 1000 pages / sec.
    • Less memory consumption for conversion of big PDF files.
    • SIMD optimized image conversion for PDF (color spaces, masks, etc.).
  10. Improvements in PPTX, DOCX and XLS.
  11. Faster text extraction for all formats.
  12. Added document properties Authod, Keyword, Modified, Created.
  13. Search engine was completely rewritten:
    • Smaller index and faster than all similar products (dtsearch, docfetcher, copernic, x1, etc.), search for word sequence.
    • Check https://delphihtmlcomponents.com/codefinder.html application build using Office Library.
  14. Support for highlighting of code files (PAS, C++, JS, etc.)
  15. DarkMode property - convert styles to dark theme.
  16. ImageConverted now has CanvasClass property (canvas is used in HTML to PNG conversion).
  17. ODTTF format support
  18. TOTFFont now supports adding ligatures
  19. Now FileBrowser demo do not require VirtualTrees.
  20. New demo - PPT file explorer.