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Sometimes it is hard to answer "What is HTML Library for?" because it is like a clay from which you can sculpt many things.
So I decided to ask for help my customers, and some of them were so kind that sent descriptions of their applications.
(If you are using the HTML Library too, I will be very grateful if you could provide one or two screenshots).

Here they are (in order of arrival):
About Coffeecup HTML Editor: Do you want to create totally stellar websites? If yes, then consider the HTML Editor your new best friend. Feel empowered with handy tag references, intuitive tools like code completion, website components that update instantly across all pages, live previews, and dozens of other extraordinary tools and features.
We use the HTML library to convert HTML documents into Image files. We do this - as we convert medical records from one system to another. And some systems cannot display HTML documents - but they can all display image files. Your library did a fantastic job of allowing us to do this very easily - in fact you did some modifications very quickly and even provided some sample code to help us complete it within a few hours. All in all - a great product and great customer service!

G. Bradley MacDonald – President

I use HCL mainly in two different cases :
First case for diagrams, each block is based on a HCL viewer. The diagram itselfs is done using Tms diagrams.
Second case is for dialogs. These are "dynamicdialogs" where all the definitions is in the delphi code. I use is a lot to generate dialogs automatically.
Most sections on this welcome page are design-time coded, but the "Updates" section is generated dynamically afterloading the newsfeed and update information from the web.

Alexander Halser

This image shows our 'document management' system. The documents list is created using an HtPanel with transparent overlays and animations.
I *love* your library! I was looking for a new, flexible way of building a UI for our volunteer management application. Because the tools and functions available to the system's users can vary and in fact be defined by the user, a fixed layout would not work. We needed something that could be dynamic, look good and scale to small or large fonts as well. So of course when I found that someone had finally written an HTML rendering library for Delphi, one that didn't require IE or installing Chrome, that was an obvious choice. Right now I'm only using your code for a few select areas of my system, but am planning on expanding that in the next version as I'm better able to take advantage of the flexibility it offers.

William Cornett

I make extensive use of your components in my application called CentralStation. It is an application that supports very flexible registration of data. You can define objects (like customer, organistion, etc etc). All these data can be used in generating documents and communications. Document edit I am using the html editor to create documents. The blue text are mergefields. Before we used WpTools (RTF) to accomplish this. We wanted to switch to HTML and after some tries with other componentsuites we stumbled onto this one. It works perfectly!

eMail We use the components to view and to create email
++++ Full Source Bugs are fixed promptly A lot of development in the componentsuite (new features)

Ebo Dieben, Directeur

We permit users to edit the HTML source directly, as well as edit in the WYSIWYG environment. For the source editing with syntax highlighting we use PlusMemo. We also give the user a popup tag list for inserting substitutable document elements. Our application is tied into a third-party service for sending rich-text e-mail, which is where the content is used.

Graeme Chandler

An info panel THTPanel in a Mobile (Android/iOS) application to show the status of pictures taken (wether they are cached or already uploaded to a server).

Roland Kossow

DeLCoPA - Desert Locust Contingency Planning Assistant - helps Desert Locust affected countries assess their preparedness for Desert Locust monitoring, outbreaks, and plagues and gives them assistance on putting improvements in place.
User interface and content is delivered in English, French, and Arabic dynamically from a single app. DeLCoPA is built on our knowledge-based inference engine delivery framework - NetWeaver Runtime Framework.
The NetWeaver Runtime Framework runs on all Delphi supported platforms and uses The HTML Component Library in a number of places: title screen / main menu, question presentation, results presentation, and document viewing. HTML is generated dynamically via the inference engine based on entered data, user preferences, and chosen language. Needed HTML snippets, images, css, etc. are selected from a sqlite database in the appropriate language (or default language if a translation is missing).

Bruce J. Miller

My most important use of the HTML Editor Library is the editor itself. I created a very dynamic mail-form with the HTML-editor as the text-editor. The following features are now enabled for my customers:
  • The customers are able to create different formatted signatures for different companies.
  • We can send e-mails in HTML-format. This is very important for the customers, because they place importance on their public image.
  • Through comments in HTML-code it is possible to switch the signature of a mail dynamically.
  • The title of a recipient is also filled in dynamically with help of comments in HTML-code
With the html-editor is it possible to create mail-templates. If a mail-template is loaded the placeholders are substituted dynamically. The mail templates are stored in HTML-code so that it is easy to load it into the editor of the mail-form.

Martin Stuhlmuller

I am sending a sample from ContOS - our bussines application for Windows. Screenshot taken from management of templates for automated emails. Website: www.contos.cz (in czech). (Application description in czech: Software pro řízení obchodní činnosti, sklad, prodej, výkup, komise, zastavárna, objednávky, expedice, pokladna, banka, e-shop.)

Tomáš Řáda

Dominion’s Sales Center is a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) to help auto dealers generate very profitable customer relationships. Currently installed in dealerships nationwide, Sales Center continues to drive exceptional prospect marketing results. Over the years, Sales Center has won the coveted DrivingSales award for Highest Rated CRM. The HTML Editor Library provides content editing capabilities for our end users to produce professional content for email distribution. Having a native Delphi tool is key to our success in ensuring customer satisfaction in using our product. Prior use of ActiveX controls proved problematic and error prone as well as difficult to support with the many end user platforms. Many thanks to DelphiHTMLComponents.com for producing a great product!

Randy Sill

Our software is a desktop rich client that allows to create and manage easily polls and survey questionnaires. Users can create dashboard inside the application. HTML component library made it simple to implement a dashboard designer where each part of the dashboard is a THtPanel that can be dragged and dropped using standard Delphi components methods and events. HTML component allows us to generate the same HTML code on client side (displayed by HtPanels) and server side (displayed in clients browsers when the dashboard is published on the web). As a delphi component we could easily extend HtPanel to add a context menu when the mouse is over so our users have their tools and menus right where they need it!

Sylvestre Pinget