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New in 4.7


  1. Precise text rendering and measurement on all windows canvases: now text has the same layouot in GDI, GDI+, DX and Skia canvaces on screen and printer and doesn't depend on scaling.
  2. Skia canvas for VCL.
  3. PDF export using Skia canvas - works from any canvas, not only Skia
  4. OpenGL canvas - useful for fast rendering of very large SVG (don't use as default canvas - it requires window handle).
  5. GDI canvas: improved graphics rendering speed.
  6. CSS var() support.
  7. function htmlpars.GetHTMLEncoding - determine codepage of HTML (TBytes).
  8. function for converting stylesheet to dark theme - TCSSStyleSheet.LighttoDark
  9. Support for UTF8 encoded inline SVG images.
  10. Optimized SVG paths seialization (smaller size)
  11. Optimized drawing of large SVG
  12. Support for individual glyph positioning in SVG text (DX attribute).
  13. THtCustomPath: CurveTo record now do not have initial point, all curves are defined by 3 points.
  14. HtPanel/Editor: support for horizontal mouse wheel
  15. HtPanel/Editor: Smooth scrolling in both direction
  16. HtPanel/Editor: Fast zoom in / zoom out in OpenGL canvas.
  17. Library now contains fastest native blur implementation (10-50 times faster than other). See htcanvas.FastBlur()
  18. Fast Base64Encode function (5-10 times faster than standard): htutils.Base64EncodeNoLF()
  19. THtBitmapData bitness conversion and masking methods are optimized using SIMD, f.e. Convert24to32.
  20. TSVGElement has GetStats methods for retrieving number of primitives, points, etc.
  21. Added support for system colors from CSS 4 color module: canvas, canvastext, field, fieldtext, etc.
  22. Bitmap images are now supported in GDI+, DX and Skia canvases.
  23. FontAwesome is upgraded to version 6.4. Now it contains regular (fa) and solid (fa-solid) icons.
  24. Support for CSS variables.
  25. Optimized displaying of documents containing many SVG images - like converted PDF documents (2000+ pages).
  26. Support for outlined and filled text (SVG).
  27. Support for relative image paths ('.\..')
  28. Improved flexbox layout.
  29. THtImageConverter now have CanvasClass propery - used in HTMLtoPNG conversion.
  30. HtPanel: OnScroll event
  31. New core classes documentation - /docs/HTML Library.chm/pdf
  32. New demos - MapView, Blur, Skia


  1. Words suggestions/prediction while typing - see Words prediction section in Editor manual.
  2. New icons in context toolbar.
  3. Context and selection toolbars has acrylic background.
  4. All toolbars (selection, spellcheck) can be closed by pressing Esc.
  5. Add/edit image button in context toolbar
  6. Copy image button in selection toolbar
  7. Print preview button in context toolbar
  8. Add Symbol button in context toolbar.
  9. Spellcheck button in context toolbar.
  10. Windows ISpell implementation - htspellwin unit. Simply add it to uses list for spellcheking and word correction.
  11. Inline word correction - click on misspelled word to see suggestions.
  12. Windows spellecher is also used for autocorrection, suggection selection is based on Levenshtein distance. Cancelled autocorrections are remembered - words are added to exceptions list.
  13. Inline image cropping - use shift + resize handles

Reports and Scripts

  1. New preview window for VCL and FMX (OSX, Linux) - float toolbar, smooth scroll and zoom, page selection and reorder, text search, text editing and moving.
  2. Preview window store its maximized/normal state and position for normal state even when maximized.
  3. Support for var parameters of all types.
  4. Fixed repeat - until bug.
  5. Default indexed properties now workind for object proprties, f.e. property Strings: TStringList; Obj.Strings[i] := 'test';
  6. Script can have own debugger instance