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New in 4.6


  1. Packages names are now the same for all IDE versions (starting from Delphi 11).
  2. Faster parsing and style calculation
  3. SAX XML parser class with special text extration mode.
  4. THtLabel now allows text change in click events.
  5. CSS serialization (modified CSS StyleSheet can be saved back)
  6. Direct PDF export on all platforms including Linux (when using Office library)
  7. Document sections (custom header, footer, page size and orientation for each section).
  8. Support for different page sizes in print preview (each page can have own size)
  9. System theme colors support (Windows, OSX), f.e. background: window) with ability to use custom theme color callback.
  10. Converting HTML to paged payout SVG (print preview can be viewed from browser)
  11. Zoom from Cursor mode in HtPanel/Editor.
  12. New TElement.InsertHTML method.
  13. CSS outline propety support.
  14. CSS focus-within pseudoclass support.
  15. CSS marker pseudoclass support.
  16. CSS list-style-position property.
  17. Added w-resize and h-resize for CSS cursor.
  18. THtDocument now can be used from threads (Special parameter in constructor for use separate font collection).
  19. Workaround for FMX bug: rectangle and rounded rectangle with large pen width incorrectly drawn on Android.
  20. New HtPanel properties MinScale, MaxScale


  1. Support for style attribute inside MathML elements.
  2. New editor option: eoDisableBlockJoinOnPaste - do not join pasted blocks with current
  3. New editor option: eoPasteTextBlockAsPara - convert text blocks divided by blank lines to para.
  4. eoClearPastedFormatting now removes span elements wuthout attributes.
  5. New editor method: PasteTextfromClipboard - paste plain text only.

Reports and Scripts

  1. Chart now supports style attribute in chart element.
  2. Reports library now supports Lazarus (including print preview)
  3. Scripter: support for calling chained indexed properties, f.e. Obj[i][k].