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New in 4.5

  1. RAD Studio 11 Alexandria support.
  2. New THtMarkdownPanel component for displaying Markdown documents.
  3. Improved Markdown support (tables, links, etc.)
  4. Improved rendering or large SVG images
  5. Improved Flex support.
  6. Improved handling of incorrect markup (tag order).
  7. Added THtPanel.OnShowResizeHint event.
  8. Added THtDocument.EmbedAllImages method for embedding images into document.
  9. Added THtPanel.Script property for storing common scripts.
  10. Added PrintScale parameter to Print method for scaling pages.
  11. Added SplitBlocktoRoot method for splitting nested blocks (f.e. citation in emails).
  12. Support for disabled attribute in inputs.
  13. Added HighlightCheckedNodes property in THtVirtualXMLTree.
  14. Improved scrolling of page with many input controls.
  15. Added PNG encoding of pasted images for FMX.
  16. New Editor event OnSurrogatePair. This event is called on second (low surrogate) char and when it returns true, default char processing is skipped.
  17. SVG: added support for preserveAspectRatio with values none, meet and slice.
  18. Faster rendering of large break-all blocks.
  19. Support for type="number" in inputs.
  20. Added Remove method to JQuery.
  21. Addes support for attr!=value selector
  22. Added support for summary and details elements.
  23. DOCX to HTML conversion is now supported in Delphi 5 - 7.