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New in 4.3


  1. 40% faster style and layout calculation
  2. Support for inlined truetype fonts (@font-face... data:font/truetype;base64)
  3. Support for CSS tab-stop decimal
  4. CSS tab-interval property
  5. CSS word-spacing property
  6. CSS letter-spacing property (DX canvas)
  7. Blended selection
  8. Magnifier when selecting text on Android and iOS
  9. Local links navigation (Click in HtPanel, Ctrl+Click in Editor)
  10. THtMetroItem: added CustomHTML property (rendered after description).
  11. Improved drawing of table cells spanned across several pages.


  1. New context sensitive toolbar at editor bottom (eoContextToolbar option).
  2. Image selection toolbar.
  3. New image resize handles
  4. Subscript and superscript actions for selection and context toolbars.
  5. Link action for selection and context toolbars.
  6. Wider Edit link dialog, + Target field.
  7. Improved RTF import
  8. RTF is set as preffered format when pasting from clipboard
  9. Linux: support for copy/paste formatted HTML and paste RTF
  10. Selection toolbar font list is now expandable.
  11. Improved IME handling on Android
  12. Improved image resizing on mobiles
  13. Improved text selection on mobiles
  14. Added autodetection of file:// links
  15. Added eoPasteTextAsPara property to Editor.Options
  16. Checkboxes support in DOCX import.
  17. Advanced charts (gradients and more: see Charts 2 section in Reports demo).