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New in 4.1


  1. Completely new CSS subsystem - faster and less memory.
  2. MathML support.
  3. Compatibility with Lazarus 2+.
  4. FMX: Hints support.
  5. Animated GIFs for FMX (all platforms) and VCL Delphi 5+.
  6. CSS columns support.
  7. CSS tabs support.
  8. Improved recovering of incorrect tag order.
  9. Added :only-of-type selector
  10. DX canvas: added support for rotated arcs in paths.
  11. THtImageListSource now works with ImageList on data module.


  1. Format painter button.
  2. Clear formatting button.
  3. Columns button
  4. Math equation editor.
  5. Adding ability to combine two adjacent lists by pressing Del
  6. DOCX import: added support for math equations.
  7. Footnotes
  8. FastReport FMX component
  9. ReportBuilder component
  10. SQL: ConvertWheretoJoins now can reorder tables.
  11. Compatibility with VTV 6.7