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New in 4.0


  1. Much faster drawing, style calculation and text selection, especially for very large documents
  2. New THtDocument.FormattedHTML method.
  3. Improved CSS animations support.
  4. Improved lines/borders rendering on HDPI screens and scaled documents.
  5. Improved text rendering on GDI+ canvas.
  6. Added SourceURL to HTML clipboard header
  7. Added THtDocument.SavetoStreamANSIEncoded.
  8. Workaround for Windows/OSX bug with double quote symbol in Times/italic fonts.
  9. Infinite support for CSS animations
  10. All image lists now changed to TCustomImageList to support VirtualImageList.
  11. New THtDocument.ConvertAttributestoStyle method for converting HTML attributes into inline CSS style.
  12. Added CSS text-decoration-style property
  13. Added CSS cursor: help
  14. Added SVG stroke-linejoin and stroke-linecap support.
  15. Incorrect font size values are now ignored
  16. Added column width parameter to InsertCol
  17. Improved quirks/normal mode support


  1. Faster text selection, caret positioning and text input
  2. New customizable selection toolbar (popup) for both VCL and FMX
  3. Improved RTF import
  4. Improved print preview window scrolling and zoom
  5. Added Active=false mode for fast editing of very large documents (1000+ pages)
  6. Better support for pasting HTML from clipboard in non-unicode Delphi
  7. Added RTF pasting from clipboard when HTML is not available.
  8. Added OnPrepareImage param to DocXtoHTML and RTFStringtoHTML
  9. Added support for WMF-JPEG conversion on RTF/DOCX import for Delphi 7-2009
  10. New OnURLDetected event - fired when URL is detected in document.
  11. New eoEnterSoftBreak option for swapping Enter and Shift+Enter behavior.
  12. Improved Outlook compatibility.
  13. New eoHighlightCurrentBlock and eoShowSelectionToolbar options.
  14. Added startangle parameter for pie charts
  15. Added direction="cw/ccw" parameter for pie charts
  16. Reports: added x-order attribute for arranging x-values in stacked charts.


  1. Email library now available for all platforms.
  2. Added SelectFolder method for selecting IMAP folders.
  3. SELECT INTO support.
  4. New TSQLInsertQuery, TSQLUpdateQuery classes.
  5. DECODE column now returns correct data type based on values.
  6. WITH .. AS support for Oracle dialect.
  7. Support for PIVOT operator
  8. Added HasFetchLimit and FetchLimit functions.
  9. Support for ElevateDB SQL dialect
  10. New ConvertWheretoJoins method
  11. Added FreeandNil procedure
  12. Calling Free() for object variable will clear variable.
  13. Script: added record helpers from IOUtils unit: TDirectory, TFile, TPath.