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New in 3.9


  1. Added support for TVirtualImageList
  2. Improved rendeing of images and text (align to pixel)
  3. HtPanel: added AllowScaling property.
  4. SVG: added support for "use" element.
  5. Added support for external SVG images
  6. Improved RTL support
  7. Automatic detection of RTL blocks
  8. Virtual image source for image lists on other forms, f.e. src="_forms/DataModule1/ImageList2/5"
  9. Improved emoji symbols support for VCL and FMX.
  10. Improved resize hint
  11. Added TCSSStyleSheet.GetAllClasses/GetAllIds
  12. Improved SVG rendering
  13. Added OnElementEnter/Exit event for HtPanel
  14. Added THtDocument.LoadfromStream
  15. Added THtDocument.ElementsFromPoint method returning all elements located at specified point.
  16. Empty attributes with no value now preserves their format
  17. Added support for ForeignObject tag which allows use of HTML blocks inside SVG.
  18. FMX: improved text baseline calculation
  19. Scripter: added support for list of values in case statement: case a of 1,2,3:


  1. Fast Report component with visual editor and page split support (included in bundle).
  2. Added TDBHTMLEditor.UseOuterHTML property
  3. Added TDBHTMLEditor.NewDocumentTemplate
  4. Editor:Column widths are not preserved when copy/paste part of a table


  1. Optimized schema loading queries for Oracle.
  2. Added TSQLSelectQuery.ChangeRowLimit class function.
  3. Added TSQLSelectQuery.AddJoin function