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New in 3.8


  1. RAD Studio 10.3 Rio support.
  2. DX canvas is now supported for all Delphi versions from 7 and for Lazarus.
  3. Added THtPanel.LoadfromResource method
  4. Added virtual image source for resources, example: <img src="_resource/myresname:PNG"/>
  5. TagObject is passed to print document when calling HtPanel.Print
  6. Added support for latest SynPDF versions
  7. Added support for images defined in CSS content property.
  8. Shadow implementation using DirectX filter.
  9. Added inset shadows support
  10. Identical images included only once in PDF
  11. Imroved compatibility with DevEx toolbars
  12. Added THtDocument.SavetoLocalFile: save document including external stylesheets and images to local drive
  13. Added THtDocument.LastPageHeight - returning height of last page.
  14. DX canvas is added into packages.
  15. Scripter: added support for exit(Result)
  16. Scripter: Added object parameter class checking when calling methods
  17. Scripter: added AddWatchExpression and ClearWatch into debigger frame
  18. Scripter: translation to JS


  1. RTF import is completely rewritten.
  2. Added HeaderRows parameter into Editor.AddTable method.


  1. Resizable charts
  2. Interactive charts: change type, 3d, stack, labels, selected series via GUI.
  3. QR Codes support
  4. Bubble charts
  5. Added backdground attribute into DATAPACKET field
  6. Added HSBtoRGBColor script function.
  7. Added stack support for line series.
  8. Mail: added method to automatically attach all embedded and external images to email:
    function THtMailMessage.AddHTMLPart(const HTML: string; AttachEmbeddedImages: boolean = false; AttachExternalImages: boolean = false;
    RefDocument: THtDocument = nil): integer;


  1. Added IsParentCorrelated and IsSelfCorrelated functions
  2. Added error for queres having aggregate and correlated columns but no GROUP BY
  3. Added TSQLSelectQuery.ReplaceFrom method for replacing whole from section.