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New in 3.7


  1. New layout engine with fast nested tables calculation.
  2. Full text alignment (text-align: justify)
  3. Internal support for RTL lanuages (VCL/FMX)
  4. Lazarus support (Windows, Linux)
  5. Support for text-decoration-color and text-decoration-line
  6. CSS first-of-type pseudo selector
  7. CSS transform: rotate-x
  8. CSS pointer-events property.
  9. HtPanel: added PreservePositionOnHTMLChange property
  10. Native OSX canvas: fast and precise text rendering, animated GIFs
  11. UTF32 (emoji) symbols support in HTML
  12. UTF32 (emoji) symbols support in CSS
  13. Support for colored symbols (emojis) in DirectX canvas.
  14. Added imageindex attribute to HTML popup menu items.
  15. SVG: added stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset properties.
  16. PDF export now supports links and anchors (DirectX and OSX canvases).


  1. Wavy lines on mispelled words.
  2. DevExpress spellchecker support.
  3. Non-breaking space added to empty para by editor is now invisible.
  4. Support for (free) Hunspell spellchecker
  5. VCL: Added Replace dialog.
  6. CSS contenteditable property


  1. Added format for template variables {{STARTDATE(dd.mm.yyyy)}}


  1. Remote script debugger
  2. Comment prior to function declaration stored as function description.