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New in 3.64


  1. Popup-menu tag support for FMX
  2. hspace, vspace attributes support.
  3. Support for light fonts: font-weight: lighter and values <400
  4. THtCanvas.Print now return boolean (was document printed or not).
  5. Support for :not CSS pseudoclass
  6. HtLabel now shows hint for non-link elements
  7. Support for src="/form/imagelist/index" in THtLabel.
  8. Added system style support for HtCheckBox and HtSpeedButton in Delphi XE.


  1. Link support in DOCX import.
  2. Custom colors added to color dialog in Text/Background color combo are now persistant.
  3. Added eoProportionalImageResize into Editor options
  4. Added OnPrepareClipboardImageEx event
  5. Text alignment now can be changed for selectet text only (not to whole block).
  6. Added TabSpaces property.


  1. XPATH support in template section names
  2. Аdded groupsort attribute to prevent sorting in group report.
  3. Added id field (attribute) to chart series for identification of series element (onclick event processing, etc.)


  1. Added ExceptionStack and LastLineText into EHtScriptException
  2. Added Debugger for Scripter
  3. Overloaded method selection based on parameter types and count
  4. Added support for Array of const parameters, f.e. Exception.CreateFmt('Message %s %d', [string, integer]);
  5. Added set support for object fields and properties.
  6. Added rawbytestring type.