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New in 3.63


  1. FMXLinux support for HCL, Editor and Reports http://fmxlinux.com/tlist.html
  2. DirectX canvas (VCL).
  3. Native iOS canvas
  4. Export to PDF on iOS
  5. New VCL controls - THtSpeedButton,THtPopupMenu, THtComboListBox.
  6. Print preview frame for Delphi 6 - 2010.
  7. Print preview frame for FMX.


  1. Added .selected class to ThListBox selected item so now style for elements inside selected item can be defined separately:
  2. Improved parsing and style calculation speed (espetially for Delphi 5 - 2010) by using new dictionaries class.
  3. Custom color conversion event - f.e. document can be displayed in B/W colors.
  4. Added THtDocument.AllImagesLoaded function
  5. Added THtPanel.OnAfterImageLoaded event
  6. Added THtPanel.OnImageLoadFailed event
  7. Added THtPanel.SetDPI method.
  8. Added THtDocument.AfterControlCreated event
  9. Added Emoji support for FMX canvas
  10. Various enhancement in SVG support
  11. Added FMX.THtPanel.ScrollY method.
  12. Added support for enumeration properties in <control> element.
  13. Changed embedded control propeties now are saved when using InnerHTML/OuterHTML
  14. Added codepage into THtDocument.SaveFileAnsi method.
  15. Added THtDocument.SavetoFileANSIEncoded (all unicode symbols are saved in &#... format).
  16. Added support for nested SVG images
  17. Added THtListBox.OnGetImage event
  18. Improved @media queries support.
  19. List items now converted into plain text with "* "
  20. Added support for body leftmargin, topmargin, marginwidth, marginheight attributes.
  21. Improved support for incorrect tag order. F.e. now <a> <span> <i> </span> </i> </a> now is treated as <a> <span> <i> </i> </span> <i> </i> </a>
  22. Better customization of input (edit) element on FMX via CSS - background, border.
  23. Added TElement.Focus method - set focus to element.


  1. Better HighDPI support for Editor controls (ColorCombo, AddTableCombo, BorderCombo, TableBorderCombo)
  2. Added OnKeyUp event.
  3. Added TDOCXConverter.ParseStream / ConvertStream methods.
  4. Added TRTFParser.OnPrepareImage event for converting not-HTML images (like WMF)
  5. Improved RTF import.
  6. Added THtTemplateStorage.Clear method.
  7. Column width is displayed while resizing table column.
  8. THtTableDeleteRow now can delete sevral (selected) rows


  1. DATAPACKET now can have several DETAIL packets
  2. Added required and required-message attributes to report objects for checking that required parameters was passed to report.
  3. Templates are now processed before datapackets, this allows using datapackets inside sections for master-detail relation. Example:
    ..<SQL>.. where cust_id={{CUST_ID}}
  4. New template functions = formatmoney, formatdate, eq


  1. Added minx, maxx, miny, maxy Series attributes
  2. Added reverse-x reverse-y Series attibutes for reversing axes direction.
  3. Added Series order attribute for arranging series values.
  4. Added SQL filter attribute for filtering series values.
  5. Added Series maxcount attribute to limit series values count.


  1. Added "unit/uses" support
  2. Added typed array support (f.e. a: array of integer) in function/method parameters.
  3. Added typed array support in variable declaration.
  4. Added record support for field/property/method result
  5. Added soAutoFreeComponents to Script.Options
  6. Generic handlers can process properties and class methods including constructor
  7. New function registered with the same name replaces previous.
  8. Added function call stack for debugging or getting current function name in magic function.
  9. Significant speed improvement when calling methods via RTTI
  10. Added support for widestring type.
  11. Added support for variant type parameters.
  12. Added support for "set of" parameters.
  13. Added typecast for classes - TSomeClass(SomeExpression)
  14. Added ExceptionStack property - call stack when exception was raised.
  15. Added support for exception re-raising inside except end block.