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Fixed in 4.5

  1. Activating editor context toolbar makes editor black.
  2. Incorrect shadow rendering
  3. Mouse handling in SVG elements.
  4. Text color is not applied to links.
  5. AV in FastReport component.
  6. Flow index out of range error.
  7. Handling of relative image paths (../)
  8. Rendering of def elements.
  9. Access to record fields in script.
  10. PDF export on Android.
  11. Text shadow in FMX.
  12. List index out of bound when drawing table.
  13. Passing char parameters to script functions.
  14. Tabstop was enabled for embedded scrollbars.
  15. Incorrect caret position when clicking at left of text.
  16. Automatic list numbering.
  17. Various DPI issues.
  18. Incorerct table width in some cases.
  19. Select control get out of sync when scrolling document.
  20. nbsp is encoded in numeric format.
  21. Incorrect list mark position when using padding for list item.
  22. Incorrect positon of SVG inside flex container.
  23. Handling of line breaks inside textarea.
  24. Spellchecking now allows apostrophes and numbers inside word
  25. Triple click for selecting para.
  26. Emoji input on iOS.
  27. Some fonts (like Futura) was not visible in GDI, GDI+ canvaces.
  28. DX canvas not work on Windows Server 2008 before R2.
  29. Font size set in vw units is not updated on resiz.
  30. @page is not handled when located inside @media print section.
  31. Line-through is not printed in PDF.
  32. EOutOfResources when printing lagrge block with shadow.
  33. Incorrect scrollbars position in block with paddings
  34. Support of custom fonts in GDI+
  35. Nested CSS counters not work as expected.
  36. Pasting of some bitmaps (f.e. created by Windows Snipping Tool) failed.
  37. Ligatures do not works in DX canvas.
  38. Embedded SVG+XML image causes AV.
  39. Table add combo shows blank drop down.