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Issues fixed in 4.3


  1. MathML elements do not use style color.
  2. CSS attribute selectors works incorrectly
  3. Baclground is clipped when using native Android canvas
  4. Inline images vertical align sometimes is incorrect
  5. FMX: incorrect text measurement in Delphi 10.4
  6. Incorrect behavior of THtLabel.Autosize property
  7. DX canvas: better compatibility when using from DLL/BPL
  8. Font color is ignored in SVG text
  9. CSS calc() leads to AV
  10. Incorrect elements positions when using native iOS canvas.
  11. AV when using margin:0%
  12. Image with 100% widh inside table has incorrent size.
  13. Embedded control size is not changes on resizing
  14. Layer is already pushed error when using DX canvas
  15. Range check error when setting image index to -1 for HtMetroPanel
  16. Blurry images when using DX canvas
  17. Lineheigth is applied incorrectly to list items
  18. BackgroundSize is calculated incorrectly
  19. Improved float blocks layout on paged media
  20. Improved stacking context / z-index handling.


  1. Selection toolbar is not shown on secong monitor.
  2. FMX: caret is not visible when using black theme and transparent background
  3. Text style is applied to br elements when using soft breaks
  4. Text style changed before typing is not applied on mobiles
  5. Incorrect position of add column marks for right aligned table
  6. OnGetParam is not called in charts
  7. Fastreport FMX: error when printing
  8. FreeandNil do not destroy object immediately
  9. Incorrect parsing of multiple attachments