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Issues fixed in 4.0


  1. AV on empty SVG element.
  2. Exception ETFontGlyphManagerException on Linux platform (FMXLinix).
  3. C++ Builder IDE error when creating implementation for OnPrepareImageEx event (containing TArray)
  4. Fixed z-order for absolute :after element
  5. Applying CSS background-image: none do not reset image.
  6. Fixed scrollbars issues on High DPI
  7. Percent values not work for transform: translate
  8. List index out of bounds for some tables when generating paged layout.
  9. AV on print/preview when using clip path.
  10. Table border is not drawn on paged media when cell is empty.
  11. Last line is not visible when using overlow-x without overflow-y.
  12. Control elements has incorrect height after creation
  14. Range check error when mouse is out of panel/editor.
  15. Incorrect page size when using on HDPI screens and page size is set explicitly.
  16. AV in SVG file with empty text
  17. Visual artefacts for borders with large radius
  18. Fixed THtDocument.SavetoStream method.
  19. HtHints: hint is activated when hovering hidden hint.
  20. Fixed SVG viewbox issue.
  21. Fixed HDPI issues in ListBox and HtVirtualTreeView
  22. SVG path opacity issues.
  23. Matrix calculation in iOS native canvas
  24. Unknown CSS @ sections now skipped
  25. Borders with large radius


  1. Caret is in undefined position after Ctrl+End
  2. Del works for non-editable (contentediable:false) blocks.
  3. Fixed import RTF documents in Korean language.
  4. Alignment not applied to nested blocks
  5. Range check when moving image
  6. AV on spellchecking
  7. Range check error in QRCode generator.
  8. Incorrect position of page count label in print preview
  9. Ansi string parameter is converted to unicode before passing.