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Issues fixed in 3.9

  1. HTML entities are not encoded on serialization
  2. HTML copy/paste support for OSX and iOS
  3. Incorrect rendering when table row has different rowspans
  4. Inline table has wrong position
  5. SVG with 100% width and height has incorrect size
  6. Page divider is not shown for tables with page-break-before: always
  7. Block inside RTL block has wrong position
  8. Page number is truncated
  9. non-existed external font file leads to error.
  10. p should be splited when adding table into it.
  11. Cast error when selection contains part of a table
  12. noscript tag breaks head section
  13. S-curves parsing in SVG
  14. Reports: fixed Invalid cursor position error when using MS SQL Server.
  15. HighDPI fixes for controls