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Issues fixed in 3.8


  1. Scripter: fixed method calling with ansi string parameters
  2. Scripter: fixed issue with constant values between MaxInt and MaxDWord treated as Int64 insteadt of cardinal
  3. HtPanel: hint is not reset on reload
  4. In non-unicode Delphi and ANSI mode entities like € are not displayed correctly
  5. FMX: fixed incorrect vertical postition for some fonts.
  6. Fixed incorrect line height calculation
  7. FMX: Stack overflow when using AutoHeight.
  8. font size="+2" causes very small font
  9. International characters in CSS class name.
  10. Text inside control element was displayed.
  11. Comment between body and first para breaks margin collapsing
  12. SVG: fixed Hittest for circle and text elements.
  13. GIF rendering in DX canvas
  14. SVG: Hit test for non-filled objects
  15. Table rendering with fixed layout
  16. vertical-align for inline images.
  17. RoundRect in GDI+ canvas.
  18. Scripter: Error when calling object methods returning string in x64 mode.


  1. Command+ combination not work in OSX
  2. Images can be moved in readonly mode
  3. Setting font size in editor using percent units.
  4. Error when deleting last row in table


  1. Wrong margins in page setup dialog