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Issues fixed in 3.7


  1. Incorrect attribute value when attibute ends with / and is not quoted.
  2. VCL: Fixed THtPanel horizontal scrollbar issue.
  3. VCL: Fixed print/print preview text distortion in remote desktop sessions.
  4. Incorrect curves drawing in SVG
  5. FMX: Incorrect scale when saving to PDF in OSX.
  6. SVG: boorder is not visible for rounded rectangle
  7. Issue with "Component named .. already exists" when using named popup menu items
  8. "No color table defined" error for GIF images in GDI canvas.
  9. FMX: HCL components inside rotated layouyt has incorrect clipping.
  10. VCL: incorrect horizontal scrollbar position in overflow elements in non-HDPI applicaion running on HDPI screen.
  11. SVG: added stroke-dasharray and stroke-dashoffset properties.
  12. Images not loaded from sites with incorrect or missing SSL sertificates.
  13. NBSP was replaced with space when copying to clipboard.


  1. FMXLinix: GetFontList returns empty list.
  2. Current style is applied to last line only when Enter is pressed several times
  3. VCL: Pages in print preview has incorrect size in non-HDPI applicaion running on HDPI screen.
  4. HtLabel not affected by font changing
  5. VCL: WM_SETFOCUS/WM_KILLFOCUS was not processed correctly.


  1. Fixed issue with parent context in templates {{..parentcontextvar}}


  1. Local variables of widestring type was not initialized.
  2. Consecutive chars (#13#10) causes compilation error.
  3. Cannot assign nil to event property.
  4. Error when calling function having more than 16 parameters.