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Issues fixed in 3.64


  1. Memory leak and AV on exit in DirectX canvas.
  2. FontAwesome not work in DirectX canvas.
  3. Wrong positioning for absolute elements.
  4. Incorrect calculation of transform-origin
  5. Wrong positioning of some fonts (f.e. Gabriola) in DirectrX canvas
  6. Printing problem on Windows 10
  7. Scale is now preserved when changing HTML
  8. Fixed balloon hint painting issues on HighDPI
  9. iframe has incorrect current URL which prevent loadding of external CSS sheets
  10. linear-gradient background without direction not shown
  11. Fixed displaying images with padding and border
  12. Fixed Windows XP compatibility.
  13. Fixed issue with embedded controls disappered after horizontal scroll.
  14. Prevent exception when using FontAwesome on Windows 10 with blocked custom fonts.
  15. FMX: fixed image scaling on zoom.
  16. FMX: THtDocument.SavetoFileUTF8 not available on Mobile platforms and Linux.
  17. Incorrect colors on non-unicode Delphi in widestring mode.
  18. Fontaweme - fa-flip-horizontal/fa-flip-vertical not working.
  19. GDI canvas shows CR/LF symbols as rectangles on XP/2003.
  20. FMX: Error is shown on incorrect image data.
  21. VCL:THtLabel.Color property not working.
  22. UTF8 files displayed incorrectly at non-unocode Delphi in WIDESTRINGS mode.
  23. Memory leak in FMX.THtLabel
  24. HtCheckBox text clipping when using right alignment.
  25. Added paint buffer into THtSpeedButton to prevent flickering.
  26. Fixed THtStyleNode.ClearCss method.


  1. FMX: caret is not visible on dark background.
  2. Wrong identation when pressing enter inside blockquote
  3. Fixed resizing of large images
  4. Fixed range check error when clicking OK in Symbol dialog and no symbol was selected.
  5. Caret position is not updated on window resizing
  6. Shift + Enter adds odd space.
  7. List style is not changed when pressing bullet list or ordered list for list items with different style (f.e. Lower Alpha).
  8. GDI canvas: wrong caret positioning on long lines with small text.
  9. Enter on empty block produce
    instead of new block when DefaultParaTag is not p.
  10. Text alignment is not applied to new block in PreserveStyleOnNewBlock mode.
  11. Pasted HTML with tag shifts caret position.
  12. Checkbox unchecked state is not saved correctly.
  13. VCL.Non-unicode Delphi: Text copied from MSWord sometimes is pasted as plain text.
  14. Editor.IncreaseIdent increase right margin also.
  15. Incorrect images position for some images in RTF import.


  1. Fixed incorrect chart legend width
  2. AV when using THtXMLTree
  3. Fixed xpath in template sections when expression starts with /


  1. Error when variable name is same as function name
  2. Fixed exception when calling .Free for nil variable.
  3. Format now works with float params.
  4. Functions ansistring parameters not work on Win32.
  5. Incorrect boolean parameter passing into Win32 procedures.
  6. Fixed error when assigning null to string variable.