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Issues fixed in 3.63


  1. HighDPI support for installer
  2. Document.Surface.G.GetFont sometimes return nil when using GDI+ canvas.
  3. Memory leak in THtImage
  4. Issue with documents containing lot of nested tables (>20)
  5. AdaptiveZoom not work as expected on mobiles
  6. Memory leak in TIFrameElement.LoadImage
  7. Non-escaped & in attibute breaks layout.
  8. Missed # before hex color causes overflow error.
  9. Table cell align attribute affects text align of nested elements.
  10. CSS background center position.
  11. Wrong meta tag content when using OuterHTML
  12. TableElement.InsertRow doesn't work for first row
  13. Range check when CSS color contains spaces, f.e. border-color: LightGrey Light Grey Grey Grey
  14. AV when installing packages into Delphi 6.
  15. overflow-x scrollbar has incorrect width.
  16. Changes to THtLabel font are not displayed immediately.
  17. Abstract Error in Delphi 6.
  18. Delphi 5-2007 in WIDESTRINGS mode: backspace works incorrectly when deleting unicode symbols.
  19. Delphi 5-2007 in WIDESTRINGS mode: Unicode text is copied to clipboard as ANSI
  20. FMX: AV when HtPanel/Editor is placed on tab with transition effect.
  21. Chinese text is copied into clipboard incorrectly
  22. 'initial' value support for CSS line-height propeprty
  23. CSS word-break: break-all support for chinese text.
  24. SaveFileAnsi not preserve original codepage.
  25. HTML Title located before charset is decoded incorrectly.
  26. Event proparation is not stopped (unlike browsers do) when clicking link ( element)
  27. SetAttribute('class') not triggers StyleChanged method.
  28. TTableElement.AsCSV - values contains spaces before numbers and are treated as text by Excel.
  29. Table columns are resized after first repaint.
  30. GDI canvas: some unicode symbols are dislayed incorrectly.
  31. Incorrect table border size in print preview when using GDI canvas
  32. Printing is not cancelled when print driver displays dialog (f.e. XPS) and user press cancel.
  33. Dynamically created HtListBox not works as expected.
  34. Text is displayed with ellipsis even whent there is enough space
  35. GDI canvas - text is displayed at incorrect position after zoom
  36. Table with colgroup has incorrect column widths at first paint.
  37. Table header is shifted in print preview when using GDI+ canvas.
  38. Table with border="1" attribute has border around table.
  39. FMX/NextGen: textarea is not destroyed with HtPanmel/Editor
  40. DoGetUrl has checks for ':' on iOS/Android platforms.
  41. FiletoStr not work correctly on NEXTGEN platforms.
  42. FMX: Setting value for input element has no effect when calling before first paing.
  43. Artefacts (pixelization) when scrolling zoomed panel.
  44. CSS zoom works incorrect when using percents.


  1. Cut/Copy not work as expected on Android
  2. "Auto" not works in editor color dialog.
  3. Some editor actions are not disabled when editor is in read-only mode
  4. THtDBHtmlEditor - caret jumps to start when pressing key in editor which is in browse mode.
  5. On iOS keyboard is shown after zoom
  6. Caret not placed correctly after zoom.
  7. FMX/OSX pasted image is not shown.
  8. FMX/OSX setting Editor.WantTabs leads to catching all form Tab events.
  9. FMX: Selection is cleared when editor get focus.
  10. Ctrl+C is catched by unfocused editor
  11. Text after a table jumps iside the table after pressing DEL button at the end
  12. Pressing , , un-bold the text
  13. THtFileOpen action doesn't trigger edit mode for dataset linked to TDBHtmlEditor
  14. AV in TDBHtmlEditor.BeginEditing when editor is created at runtime
  15. FMX: Shift+enter moves cursor down, but after typing it is moved up.
  16. Space is removed at line end after applying text style (f.e. bold)
  17. Converting text inside table cell into list works incorrectly
  18. AV on HtAddictCheckEditor
  19. Various issues when Editor is used inside DLL
  20. FMX: AV when entering text after "select all"
  21. Undo not working for first word autocapitalization
  22. On Delphi 2007-2010 + Polish keyboard layout, AltGR + 2 set header level instead of displaying @ symbol, becase of bug in VCL IsAltGRPressed function.
  23. FMX AV when editor is destroyed.
  24. FMX memory leak (TCaret).
  25. AV when deleting selection which contans table and text below/above
  26. TDOCXConverter - images with relative path ('../') are not processed.
  27. Setting WordCorrection to false doesn't affect first word capitalization.
  28. FMX/Android: On GBoard keyboard enter not works as expected.


  1. Images sometimes are encoded incorrectly into base64 format.
  2. 3d value is ignored by pie chart
  3. Axes names not shown for single series.


  1. Invalid class typecast on iOS simulator.
  2. Invalid class typecast in NextGen when calling methods returning object via Objectnvoke (possible bug in RTL)
  3. Declaration of several variables of the same type causes error.